Diet/ lifestyle


Dietary, hydration, sleep, exercise, strong family/ friend support, social gatherings and nature are key to a healthy lifestyle.



Botanicals have been used for ages and for a variety of conditions. Botanicals can be fresh, dried, extract or tincture form. 



Vitamins are of vital importance to support the body's biochemical process. 

Homeopathy/cell salts 

(acute prescribing)

Acute prescribing is using current symptoms and suggesting a homeopathic remedy or cell salt to support the body's own healing process. 




ND Health Calls offer online video conferencing over a HIPAA compliant platform, which allows the patient to see Dr. Brown in the comforts of their home.

Patient will have forms to fill out before the visit and labs can be uploaded before the visit as well. 

The first visit is usually the longest. During this virtual visit, Dr Brown reviews the paperwork and labs with the patient as well as what the patient wants to focus on.  

A comprehensive recommendation plan (consisting of diet/lifestyle changes, botanical product, supplements and/or homeopathy) will be explained and provided for patient to reference. Labs can be ordered and supplements can be purchased through Dr. Brown's Fullscript or Wellevate account.  

Dr. Brown will schedule a follow up visit to review patient progress.

To make an appointment, please click on "book appointment" button. 


A free 10 min consult can be sceheduled by email to determine your level of need. Please send an email (contact page) of available times and Dr. Brown will get back with you (no treatment options will be discussed). 

No appointment necessary to shop Dr. Brown's favorite supplements in the Fullscript or Wellevate accounts. 

Welcome to your naturopathic health journey!